2015 Voice of the Water Park Contest

Here's How It Works.....

Looking for bragging rights at the Water Park this year??  Clay’s Park is requesting submissions for our “Voice of the Water Park Contest.”  

 *Must be under 16 years old or under to participate*

 Read the WATER PARK RULES below and record them in MP3 format.  Then, Email your MP3 to Shar@clayspark.com and your submission is complete!

 Your recording could be used over the loudspeaker at the Water Park during the 2015 season!  Have fun, and be creative!  Help us welcome our guests and keep them informed of our rules.  Show us what makes your VOICE special! 

 Deadline for entering is April 15, 2015

Water Park Safety Rules

1.  Swimsuits are required at all times

2.  For your safety, life vests are required for all guests except in our "Chill Zone."  We welcome you to use ours first come, first serve.  You can also bring your own, just make sure it is Coast Guard Approved.

3.  Glass bottles of any kind are not permitted into the park.

4.  Pets of any kind are not permitted on the beach.

5.  The slides in the baby section are meant for young children.  Please make sure they are sitting down in a forward position.

6.  Pets of any kind are not permitted on the beach, down by the water, or anywhere on the grass.

7.  There is no pushing, pulling, or head first entry off of the barrel.  Do not hold onto the handrails while standing on the barrel.

8.  Alcohol is prohibited from being brought into the water park, but it may be purchased at the Tiki Bar.

9.  We invite our guests to grill in two designated areas.

10.  Please park bikes in the bike racks provided.

11.  Please park your car or golf cart in the designated area for parking.

12.  Children under 14 years of age are to be accompanied by an adult while enjoying the water park.

13.  For your safety, please walk in all areas of the Water Park.  Do not run.

14.  Please be aware of the family section.  Alcohol and smoking are not permitted in this section of the water park.

15.  Please adhere to all rules verbally given by staff members at the Water Park while utilizing the Wet Willy Water Slides and the Dueling Ziplines.