3 Team Building Activities for Your Next Group Outing

Published: June 22, 2015

Clays Park is a favorite for company picnics and group outings thanks to our landscape and various built-in activities.

For businesses it's important to take time for team building activities to get the most from your trip. Our on-staff experts can help you decide on and arrange various activities for your team.

The following activities are always a hit at Clays Park...

"Ships in the Mist" or "Mine Field"

Trust and teamwork are at the center of this team building activity. Clays Park provides the open space necessary. The only other material you need is a blindfold.

Start with a pair of partners and have everyone else scatter around the open area in varying proximities. One partner will blindfold the other and then guide them through the people (ships or mine fields) using only words.

This forces one partner to creatively describe scenarios while remaining patient, and the other to listen and act accordingly (while remaining even more patient).

Once one pair has completed the task, have everyone reorganize and another pair will take the challenge.

Want to create a competitive environment? Use a stopwatch to time the activity and the team with the fastest time wins a reward. This activity promotes working together, communication, listening and giving clear directions.

Team Raft Building

This is the perfect way to utilize the lake at Clays Park. Have participants divide into teams and have each team work together to build a raft with the goal of having the raft float on the lake (or reach a predetermined spot).

Provide materials like PVC pipes, wood, tarps, duct tapes, inner tubes, float rings and pool noodles.

Work with your Clays Park contact to provide life jackets and make sure you create a safe environment for this activity. The raft building task promotes ingenuity, patience and team work.

Scavenger Hunt

Take advantage of the expansive Clays Park property with a scavenger hunt.

Have participants divide into groups and provide each group with clues on where to find various items. Teams can be asked to find actual hidden tangible items that they have to pick up and bring back, or they can mark items off of a checklist like this one.

Have teams take a picture of each item on the checklist so you can verify their findings. Make sure to have a prize item or reward for the winning team!

This activity develops cooperation, planning and solving problem. Its also a great way for employees to learn more about each persons strengths and weaknesses. Companies also find that it reinforces the gratification that comes with achieving a goal and ignites employees competitive edge.

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