Ohio Resort for Camping, Swimming and Special Events

With one of the finest RV resorts in not just Ohio, but the entire United States, Clay’s Park is your destination for family fun, including camping, swimming, group outings and special events. Family owned and operated since 1948, this Ohio camping site was the vision and dedicated work of Otis D. Clay. Otis’ vision was to create a complete "Family Fun Center" and he did just that, when Clay’s Park opened on Memorial Day in 1948.

The popularity of the Ohio swimming and camping park has allowed the facility to not only develop one of the finest RV Resorts in America, but also to expand in several ways...

Features & Amenities

Whether you come to swim in the pool for the day or camp for the week with your family, Clay’s Park is your destination for summer fun. We’re dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and welcome your questions or suggestions.

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Primitive Passes, Commuter Passes, and Pit Passes are now on sale through the box office!  Click HERE to purchase online or call 330-930-0398.

Deluxe Camping in the Clay's Park Resort Campground is sold out.  If you would like to add individuals to your existing Deluxe Camping Package please call 330.854.6691.

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3 Team Building Activities for Your Next Group Outing

Published: June 22, 2015

Clay’s Park is a favorite for company picnics and group outings thanks to our landscape and various built-in activities.

For businesses it's important to take time for team building activities to get the most from your trip. Our on-staff experts can help you decide on and arrange various activities for your team.

The following activities are always a hit at Clay’s Park...

Read about "Ships in the Mist" and other team building activities...

3 Theme Ideas for Your Next Company Picnic

Published: June 22, 2015

Now that you know all the details that go into Planning a Company Picnic that Sizzles, it’s time to liven things up and really make sure your event is cohesive. From décor to food to costumes, a good theme can take your Company Picnic up a notch and make it a memorable event.

So, to help you get creative we are sharing 3 company picnic ideas that can take your event straight from sizzling to on fire.

Aloha, Sports, Carnival...

Planning A Company Picnic That Sizzles

Published: May 30, 2015

There are few times in life when you can challenge your boss to a game of pick up basketball or impress the founder of your company with a round of putt-putt. But, if you’re charged with planning the company picnic for your business, you might be able to set up just such opportunity. A lot of important factors go in to creating the perfect corporate outing, so we rounded up all the details that can make your company event a seamless one. Keep reading for Company Picnic and Corporate Outing tips from our on-site experts.

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