3 Theme Ideas for Your Next Company Picnic

Published: June 22, 2015

Now that you know all the details that go into Planning a Company Picnic that Sizzles, its time to liven things up and really make sure your event is cohesive. From dcor to food to costumes, a good theme can take your Company Picnic up a notch and make it a memorable event.

So, to help you get creative we are sharing 3 company picnic ideas that can take your event straight from sizzling to on fire.

1. An Aloha Holiday

With a 10-acre man made sand bottom lake, a beach, wet willy slides and numerous water activities, Clays Park is the perfect spot for employees to escape the everyday and enjoy water and sun. A Hawaiian Luau is a natural fit at Clays Park. Just tell your guests to wear their favorite floral print and bring their suit and some sunscreen.


Flowers, flowers and more flowers (real or fake) will evoke the beauty and vibe of Hawaii. Offer guests leis when they arrive. Use grass skirts as table skirts and incorporate as many tropical colors as possible.


Save your self the trouble of setting up complicated games and entertainment and leave it all to the built-in amenities at Clays Park. Guests will love the freedom to explore our grounds and enjoy the activities at their own pace. Plus, its less trouble for you! We have kayaks, canoes, a beachfront concession stand, rings, zip lines a barrel roll, sand volleyball and enough entertainment to keep people busy and happy all day.


Let a traditional Hawaiian luau inspire your food options. You dont have to roast a whole pig but you can serve pulled-pork sliders, mango salsa and BBQ chicken kabobs. Serve fruity blended (alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks) with fun umbrellas.

2. Salute Your Sports

Let employees show their support for their favorite sports teams for a day. They can come to Clays Park wearing a Cavs jersey, sporting a Cleveland Indians uniform or the number of their favorite Browns player. Some employees might choose to support their alma mater, like LSU, or a team outside of Ohio. Thats OK too! Its a great conversation starter and a way for people to learn more about each other.


Embrace the sports theme with basketball, baseball and football balloons. Use fake grass or Astroturf as table runners. Incorporate black and white stripes as a nod to umpires and referees. You can even use stacked baseballs in vases and send out an invitation that looks like a ticket to a sporting event.


This is the easiest part of all with this particular theme. Host a five-inning baseball game, a flag football match up and a half court basketball game at various stations. Employees are always hard working and competitive in the office, now let them show that determination on the field or court also. Because we have so much space here at Clays Park, and many different areas where you can set up, our park is the perfect location for a sports-themed company picnic.


This is a great time to use food stations. Near the baseball game set up hot dogs, cracker jacks, peanuts and ice cream in small helmets used as bowls. Football fans can indulge in tailgate style food like chicken wings, chips, dips and anything from a grill. Serve nachos, pizza and cookies that look like basketballs near the hoops game.

3. A Company Carnival

Trade office cubes for an outdoor carnival for a day. This is one you can really have fun with because there are almost no rules when it comes to a carnival. In short, if its over the top, its carnival appropriate!


Think red and yellow stripes and color, color, color! Tents, booths and bright lights will transform your space into a Carnival frozen in time.


Let your guests relive their childhood with interactive games. And for a true carnival feel, all games should come with prizes. Depending on how big your budget is, you can either create some DIY games for the picnic like a ring toss and darts, or work with a vendor to bring in more extravagant games like a dunk tank or a high striker.


Perhaps the best part of any carnival is the unique food. You can really go crazy with indulgent and fun sweets like cotton candy and funnel cakes. Other great carnival food includes anything you can eat on-the-go like corn dogs on a stick or popcorn in a bucket. Actually, put anything on a stick or in a bucket and its considered carnival appropriate!

Regardless of the theme, as long as everyone is well-fed, entertained and at a great location like Clays Park they are going to have a ball. Speaking of a ball we just thought of another theme!

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