Golf Cart Rental Rules and Policies

Thanks you for choosing Clay’s Park Resort. Please review our Golf Cart Rental rules and policies.
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Golf Cart Rental Rules

Rentals must be secured with valid credit card no cash rentals.

  1. Lessee MUST be 21 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license.
  2. Our quiet time is 11pm-8am.  Cruising on golf carts during quiet hours will be not allowed, and violators could be subject to a $100 fine.  Understand that we are not out to harass guests using necessary facilities, such as the bathhouses, or driving back to their site after visiting John O’s.  We are targeting guests “cruising” around the campground, generally making noise, or looking for trouble.
  3. We understand that our guests are on vacation and want to relax with family and friends and enjoy themselves.  That may include an adult beverage, and that is permitted at their site.  However, open containers of alcohol are not permitted on vehicles (that includes golf carts) for it is against Ohio state law.  It is true, we are private property, and we choose to uphold the state laws.  Any guest caught with an open container may be subject to a $100 fine.
  4. Drivers must be at least 21 years old and possess a VALID driver’s license to operate a golf cart in Clay’s Park Resort.  Lessee is responsible for all rental cart drivers.
  5. Only 4 people permitted on a 4-person cart and 6 people permitted on a 6-person cart.
  6. Golf carts operated after sunset must have headlights on.
  7. Golf carts must be operated properly.  Reckless driving, horseplay, raving, off-roading or any other misuse of the cart will not be tolerated.
  8. Golf carts are to be operated on roadways only.  Golf carts are not to be driven across vacant or occupied campsites, the beach, or in other restricted areas.  Management reserves the right to restrict access to any areas due to weather or other activities.
  9. Speed limit for all moving vehicles is 5MPH
  10. Carts must be returned at the designated time.  Lessee will be charged $5 for a lost key.  Late returns will be auto charged to the credit card provided at the time of rental.
  11. Golf carts must remain in Clay’s Park at all times.  You are not to go beyond the main entrance or the RV entrance Security Gates.
  12. Please report any malfunctions to Clay’s Park staff immediately.
  13. This is a gas golf cart and the gas level is marked at the time of rental.  If more than one full tank of gas is needed during the duration of your rental, additional charges will apply.
  14. Please note this is a multi-gear rental with FORWARD, REVERSE, and NEUTRAL.  When in reverse you will hear a backing horn (buzzing sound).
  15. Our carts are inspected for damage at the point of pickup and drop off.  In the event the cart is damaged, charges will be auto charged to the credit card provided at the time of rental.  Excessive mud on a rental cart at the time of return will result in an autocharged $25 detailing fee.