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Country Fest Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to answer as many of your questions as possible, we have assembled the following frequently asked questions related to Country Fest Deluxe Camping.

When do Deluxe Tickets go on sale?2020-12-10T19:12:10-05:00

The Country Fest 2 Deluxe Ticket packages go on sale December 12, 2021 at 10am. You can purchase Deluxe Camping Packages online at Primitive Camping and Commuter Packages are available at

Who has access to the Deluxe part of the campground?2018-01-08T00:17:20-05:00

Only DELUXE campers have access to the Deluxe part of the Resort. Primitive campers and commuters will NOT have access to any area within the Deluxe part of the campground.

I want to come camping during the Country Fest, but I have no intentions of attending the concerts. Can I simply purchase a campsite?2018-01-08T00:19:08-05:00

Due to high demand during The Country Fest, we do not sell camping separate of concert tickets.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Please let us know if you would like to make a camping reservation for another time.

When will I receive my tickets in the mail?2018-01-08T00:25:43-05:00

For Deluxe Camping Packages, we do not mail your wristbands to you. You will receive your wristbands upon your arrival to the park with the PURCHASER’S PHOTO ID. Please be sure to enter at the 93 gate for the event which is the gate located closest to interstate 21 on Hwy. 93.

I am going to purchase online, but I want a very specific campsite. How do I go about getting this site?2020-12-10T19:14:40-05:00

You can guarantee your site number and location by taking advantage of the lock your site fee when booking through Campspot. Otherwise, we can only guarantee the type of site or cabin you’d like to book.

Are your prices per site or per person?2020-12-10T19:13:45-05:00

All of our packages are per site and include either 4, 6 or 8 people. Pricing includes the tickets, site/rental unit, access to all of the park’s amenities and attractions, as well as processing fees.

Am I allowed to bring a cooler into the festival?2020-12-10T19:18:50-05:00

We encourage campers to bring food and libations with you to your campsite.  However, GLASS BOTTLES OF ANY KIND ARE NOT PERMITTED.  Additionally, no food or beverages will be allowed into the amphitheater.  Refreshments and spirits will be available for purchase inside.

What’s the deal with golf carts this year?2021-01-13T13:38:26-05:00

Golf Carts are NOT permitted in the Festival Grounds during The Country Fest. Festival Grounds include all primitive camping areas, electric-only camping areas, Adventure Water Park, and all other Concert/Venue areas outside of the Resort Camping Area.  Only Standard, Preferred Standard, Premium and Rental Unit Event Campers are permitted to rent a golf cart for limited access use.  Security will be manning both gates that lead from the Deluxe Grounds to the Festival/Primitive Grounds and carts will not be permitted to cross.  Golf Cart rentals will be available at the 93 Camping Gate at the time of check-in or you can pre-reserve by calling the office at 330-854-6691

Do you reserve golf carts at Clay’s Park?2018-04-27T10:46:30-04:00

We do! We have limited inventory, so please give us a call to reserve your golf cart today for The Country Fest!

I want to arrive earlier than Thursday. Can I do that?2020-12-10T19:22:57-05:00

Absolutely!! You can reserve your site and check in as early as Sunday. We offer a discount on your extra days depending on what day you’d like to arrive, and you can save up to 70% off! More info here.

I already purchased my package and I need to add on another person/add on early camping. How do I go about doing this?2020-12-10T19:24:08-05:00

Give us a call at the corporate office and we will walk you through adding on additional guests or early camping to your order. 330-854-6691.

When are the prices going to increase?2018-04-27T10:46:30-04:00

Pricing increases based on demand.  We always recommend purchasing early to lock in the lowest price.  Please remember, add on guests are subject to the current package pricing.

What if I have to cancel? Will you refund me?2018-04-27T10:46:29-04:00

There are no refunds or exchanges for any Country Fest purchase.

I purchased a primitive camping package, and now I want to stay on a Deluxe Water and Electric site instead. Can I upgrade?2018-04-27T10:46:29-04:00

Unfortunately, we do not offer any package upgrades for this event.  Please be sure you are purchasing the CORRECT package when placing your order.

I want to camp with my friend Sandy Smith who is also purchasing a Deluxe Campsite. Do we have to arrive at the same time?2020-12-10T19:17:02-05:00

If you’d like to guarantee a site next to a friend’s site, you both would need to pay to lock your site on Campspot . Otherwise, we cannot guarantee you will be next to a friend’s campsite or cabin.

I want to bring my kids. Is there a cost for that?2018-04-27T10:46:28-04:00

For this event, children age 5 and under are free. Age 6 and up are full price.

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