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Parties, Picnics, and Group Outings

Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to answer as many questions as possible about hosting a party, picnic, or other event at Clay’s Park Resort, we have compiled the list of questions and answers below.

For answers to questions not found below or to book your custom event at Clay’s Park Resort please call (330) 854-6691

What are the waterpark safety rules?2017-10-02T18:15:19-04:00

The full list of waterpark safety rules can be viewed here.

Are we responsible for cleaning our shelter following our picnic?2017-10-02T18:13:31-04:00

Shelters must be left in reasonably tidy condition—excluding normal wear from a picnic. Failure to do this—or any damage caused to the shelter, containers and/or grounds—will be cause for additional billing charges.

Is there water and electric available at our shelter?2017-10-02T18:12:51-04:00

Yes, water and limited electrical service is available to all shelters.

Does the Park supply volleyballs and horseshoes at our shelter or do we need to bring our own?2017-10-02T18:12:23-04:00

You need to supply volleyball and softball equipment, but we supply the horseshoes. If you forget to bring a volleyball, you may rent one from our Rental Hut near the Miniature Golf Course.

Is there a parking fee?2017-10-02T18:11:49-04:00

No, parking is FREE in the Park and at the shelters.

If we buy drinks from the Park, do you supply the cups?2017-10-02T18:11:13-04:00

Yes, drinks purchased from us come with cups and ice.

Does the Park sell ice?2017-10-02T18:10:35-04:00

Yes, we sell ice in 22 lb. bags.

Does the Park supply the charcoal and lighter fluid?2017-10-02T18:10:05-04:00

No, you must bring your own, or for your convenience you may purchase it from the Park.

Does the Park supply tables for us to set up our food service?2017-10-02T18:09:19-04:00

If you use our caterer, they provide the food service set up.  If you are doing your own cooking or using your own caterer, you are responsible for the set up.

Can we use our own caterer?2017-10-02T18:08:37-04:00

Yes, you may use your own caterer, but we require them to submit a certificate of insurance for us to keep on file.

Can we bring in our own food and beverages?2017-10-02T18:08:07-04:00

You are permitted to bring in your own food and soft drinks, but State law prohibits alcohol from being brought into the Park. Alcohol may be purchased from the Park.

What comes with rental of a shelter?2017-10-02T18:07:37-04:00

Picnic tables, charcoal grill, volleyball net, access to a softball field and horseshoes.

What type of seating is available at the various shelters?2017-10-02T18:07:05-04:00

Picnic tables will be set up for your confirmed number of guests. You may cover them with table coverings, or for an additional fee we will cover them for you.

Can we decorate our shelter for our picnic?2017-10-02T18:06:08-04:00

We encourage you to decorate, but no staples or nails may be used, and all decorations must be removed and taken to trash containers after use.

Are pets allowed in the Waterpark and at the Picnic Pavilions?2017-10-02T18:05:23-04:00

No, pets are not permitted in the Waterpark or the Picnic Pavilions.

Do we receive a rain check if it rains on the day of our picnic?2017-10-02T18:03:59-04:00

Clay’s Park Resort does not offer rain checks, but the swimming lake will remain open until lightning is seen. Then the lake will remain closed until one-half hour after the last thunder is heard, at which time it will reopen for swimming.

Can we bring our own alcohol into the Park?2017-10-02T18:02:54-04:00

No, State law strictly prohibits alcohol to be brought into the Park. Alcohol may be purchased at our concession stand or may be pre-ordered through the Group Outings Department for your picnic.

How tall do you have to be to ride on the Water Slide?2017-10-02T18:02:26-04:00


Are there lifeguards on duty?2017-10-02T18:01:20-04:00

Yes, safety is our number one concern; therefore, fully trained lifeguards are always on duty when the swimming lake is open.

What hours are the Waterpark open?2017-10-02T17:55:56-04:00

The Waterpark Gates are open from 9a.m. – 9p.m. from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Guests may enter during those hours, but swimming hours are as follows:

Weekdays (Monday – Thursday) Noon – 7p.m.
Weekends (Friday – Sunday) 11a.m. – 8p.m.

Does everyone pay the same rate to enter the Park for a Group Outing?2019-02-21T12:04:11-05:00

Yes, everyone pays the same rate for a Super Ticket, except for children five (5) and under who are FREE

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