Clay’s Park Resort 2020

Rules and Regulations


  1. Minimum Occupancy Requirements—Clay’s Park offers shelter rentals and discounted admission rates to groups of 50 people or more. In order to provide the best accommodations for each specific outing and to ensure consistency, Clay’s Park enforces minimum occupancy requirements. Occupancy requirements are based on your specific shelter rental as our shelters vary in size, seating capacity, price, and accommodations. Groups will be invoiced and responsible for the payment of admission fees based on minimum occupancy requirements, regardless of the actual attendance on the day of your event. Good Any Day* vouchers will be issued for any charged admission fees resulting from failure to meet minimum occupancy requirements. These vouchers allow you to offer your guests unable to attend your outing the opportunity to still enjoy a day of summer fun at Clay’s Park at a time that is convenient for them. We understand that estimating your group’s attendance can be tricky, and we have worked to develop a customer-friendly policy. Clay’s Park will tally your attendance on the day of your event to determine your actual headcount. If your headcount does not meet or exceed the minimum capacity requirement for your specific rental shelter, admission fees will be added to your invoice to equal the minimum requirement as stated below. Please reference the chart below to be sure your shelter rental of choice makes sense for your group size and to estimate your total admission cost prior to your outing.


*40 x 60 Party Tent Rental (Seating capacity for 150):

Minimum Occupancy Requirement of 50 attendees or more

*Peddlers Pavilion (Seating capacity for 150):

Minimum Occupancy Requirement of 50 attendees or more

*Fox Run Pavilion (Seating capacity for 350): Minimum Occupancy Requirement of 200 attendees or more

*Settlers Pavilion (Seating capacity for 600): Minimum Occupancy Requirement of 350 or more

  1. Cancellation Policy: If written notice of outing cancellation is received at least 30 days before your event, a processing fee equal to the cost of your shelter rental will be retained and the balance refunded. If written notice of picnic cancellation is received after 30 days before your outing, no refunds will be made or created. You will be responsible for all non-refundable deposits made by Clay’s Park to hold any outside vendor services for your picnic over and above the processing fee stated.
  2. Inclement Weather: All Outings are rain or shine. No rain dates will be issued. Refunds will not be granted for inclement weather.
  3. State law prohibits alcoholic beverages from being brought into the Resort. Alcohol is available for purchase at market prices from the Resort for consumption of those age 21 and over. Violation of this law could result in the loss of our liquor license; therefore, any infraction of this policy may result in a fine for the picnic.
  4. Clay’s Park reserves the right to attain any rental facilities, setup equipment, permits, etc. as deemed necessary by Park Management to ensure the safety of our guests, vendors, and staff and to protect park grounds at any time prior to or during your outing without notice. Additionally, Park reserves the right to provide additional staffing and security support as deemed necessary by Park Management, without notice, to ensure the safety of our guests, vendors, and staff. The costs for these services will be the responsibility of the outing and charges for such will be included on your invoice.
  5. No glass bottles or containers are permitted in the Park.
  6. We do not permit outside fire wood to be brought into Clay’s Park.
  7. Shelter areas will be set up for your confirmed number of attendees. If you wish to move tables, trash barrels or grills, you may. We do require that you return all items to their original location.
  8. We provide picnic tables for seating only. You must provide your own tables for registration, food preparation and serving, otherwise, you will be limiting your seating. Catering services contracted thru Clay’s Park Resort will provide all tables required for meal preparation and serving.
  9. We encourage you to decorate your shelter area. No staples or nails may be used on the tables or pavilion. All decorations must be removed and taken to trash containers after use. Clay’s Park must approve the display of corporate, sponsor, Event identity logo’s or banners. Upon approval, banners may be displayed only within the permitted area and secured on equipment provided by outing. No nails, hooks or tape of any kind may be used to display banners. Electrical service is limited. Please remember to bring heavy-duty extension cords to bring power to the area(s) you require. Clay’s Park does not provide extension cords or generators.
  10. Open flame must be at least 20 feet away from any structure or tent. No smoking is permitted in pavilions or tents.
  11. The Park provides a trash service during your picnic. Shelters must be left in reasonably tidy condition—excluding normal wear expected from a picnic. Failure to do this—or any damage caused to the shelter, tables, and/or grounds—will be cause for additional billing charge(s).
  12. Clay’s Park has developed a list of preferred vendors for our catering and entertainment packages who are trained in our policies and procedures and are fully licensed by the city and state. While it is always recommended that our vendors are used to ensure the best experience for your attendees, we also understand the need to be flexible. Clay’s Park must approve any non-preferred vendors and their services at least 14 days prior to your outing. All approved vendors are required to submit proof of insurance, operating permit, and any additional documents as requested by Park a minimum of 14 days prior to your outing. Clay’s Park reserves the right to restrict any vendor without reason. Outings opting to contract their own catering and/or entertainment services will be charged a Service Fee. Due to increased safety concerns, Inflatables and/or any other recreation/entertainment equipment that is regulated by the Department of Agriculture can only be contracted for your outing thru Clay’s Park.
  13. Vendor Insurance Requirements: For non-preferred vendors pre-approved by Clay’s Park, proof of insurance is required a minimum of 14 days prior to your outing. All vendors (except for DJ’s, musicians & bands) scheduled by you must provide the following proof of insurance before access into the park will be permitted.Vendor will name Clay’s Park Resort and related parties as an additional insured on its applicable insurance policy for the Event.  Said policy shall name C & H Productions, Inc., dba Clay’s Park Resort, Clay’s Water Park, Ltd., Clay’s Park RV Resort, Ltd., Clay’s Park Festival, Ltd., and John O Clay, Exploration, Inc.  Vendor insurance shall have right of contribution by any similar insurance that may be maintained by any additional insureds.  Scanned copies of certificates of insurance showing the referenced individuals and entities as additional insureds shall be made available upon reasonable request or within thirty (30) days prior to the event.  Insurance to include the following:
    Commercial General Liability $2,000,000.00
    Excess or Umbrella $4,000,000.00
  14.  All personal property must be removed from the shelter no later than 8pm the day of the Picnic unless special arrangements have been made with the Park.
  15. Deliveries: You must be here to accept any deliveries you are expecting for your group outing. Deliveries cannot be made before 10:00am the day of your event without prior approval, and pick-ups must be made by 8:00pm the same day. Clay’s Park Resort is not responsible for, nor will we accept, any deliveries not contracted by us.
  16. Clay’s Park reserves the right to reject any person or persons from the Premises, and upon exercise of this right, Outing hereby waives any right and all claims for damages against Clay’s Park Resort, it’s agents or employees.
  17. Photographs and videos taken of guests while at Clay’s Park Resort may be used in promotional materials.