Early Camping



Adding on to an already purchased campsite or rental unit for Country Fest?  Purchase Country a Fest Camping and Concert Package to add early camping to an existing Deluxe campsite reservation.

Country Fest early camping may be added to existing camp site reservations with the following information provided:

  1. The First Name of the person who holds the campsite reservation
  2. The Last Name of the person who holds the campsite reservation
  3. The order number or confirmation number from the original campsite reservation
  4. You must select the same Campsite Type as the original reservation (i.e. 3 Day Electric Only or 4 Man Rustic Cabin)


Early camping options are available for Country Fest guests with previously purchased deluxe camping packages. Options include:

  • Wednesday Only
  • Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Staycation: Monday – Wednesday

Early Camping May NOT be Purchased without an existing campsite reservation.  Please be sure to verify and provide all information from the original campsite or rental unit purchase.  EARLY CAMPING DOES NOT INCLUDE ADDITIONAL CAMPSITES.

Additional information

Early Camping

Wednesday Only Early Camping, Tuesday & Wednesday Early Camping, Staycation Monday – Wednesday


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