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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Our Seasonal Campers Ask Most Often

What is the first day of seasonal camping?2021-02-10T15:42:22-05:00

Our Seasonal Camping Season starts on April 23

What is the last day of seasonal camping?2021-02-10T15:40:59-05:00

Our seasonal camping season ends on November 7

When are Site Deposits Due?2018-04-27T10:46:27-04:00

Site deposits for the following camping season are due on or before October 1.

What happens if we do not pay our $350 site deposit by the end of year deadline?2018-04-27T10:46:27-04:00

Your site will be considered open and added to the list of available sites.

Is there still a late afternoon Special Guest Fee for Seasonal Guests?2018-04-27T10:46:26-04:00

Yes! For entry after 5pm, the fee is only $5.00 per person. Guests must exit park by 11:30pm and there is a limit of 4 guests per site, per night. Not valid during special events or holidays.

Is there a speed limit within the park?2018-04-27T10:46:25-04:00

Yes. All vehicles (including cars, trucks, golf carts, motorcycles, etc.) must obey the posted 5MPH speed limit throughout the park.

Can we have pets at our seasonal site?2018-04-27T10:46:24-04:00

Absolutely! You can have a maximum of two pets per site.  All pets must be kept on a leash and under control. They are not allowed in designated picnic areas or in the corporate office. Pets must not be left on a campsite unattended.

Can we put a storage shed on our site?2018-04-27T10:46:24-04:00

Yes. They must be no larger than 6’ x 6’ and made of resin/plastic. Only 1 shed is permitted on a seasonal campsite.

Can we string up a clothesline to dry our wet clothing?2018-04-27T10:46:24-04:00

No. Clotheslines are prohibited for the safety and aesthetics of our resort guests.

Can we bring our own firewood into the resort?2018-04-27T10:46:23-04:00

No. Firewood may not be brought into the campground. You can purchase firewood through the campground in a bundle, half-truck or full-truck loads.

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