Seasonal Camping Information Regarding COVID-19

Last Updated: May 8th


Governor DeWine’s declarations, CDC guidelines, and guidelines developed by the Ohio Campground Owners Association will guide the operations of our Campground this season.  Many of our amenities will be closed until guidance suggests that we may safely open them.  Likewise, social distancing is certainly the new norm as we open and is likely to be the case for some weeks to come.  We expect all of our customers to follow the new rules described below and are requiring that the responsible party for each season site sign this agreement.  By signing the agreement you acknowledge these additional rules and take responsibility for making sure that those who occupy your site adhere to these rules.  You also acknowledge that the consequences of not following the rules will lead to the loss of your privileges to camp at Clays Park.  We are very serious about the health and safety of our guests and staff and intend to vigorously monitor adherence to these rules.

While these rules are intended to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 at Clay’s Park, ultimately you are the primary person responsible for you and your family’s health.

This Addendum to the Campsite User Agreement is effective May 2nd and remains in effect until further notice.  By signing this addendum, you are agreeing to follow the guidelines detailed below.

To the extent any of these rules conflict with rules in the base season camper user agreement these rules will govern.


  • Only 1 family household should occupy each site, with a limit for any campsite to 9 people.
  • Until further notice No outside guests or visitors will be allowed access to Clay’s Park Resort. Only current seasonal campers with a valid 2020 camper ID will be allowed access to the park.
  • Seasonal Camper ID’s should be worn at all times while in the park.
  • Practice Social Distancing at all times; while walking, biking, using your golf cart and in general while you are out in the park you must keep a 6’ distance between you and others.
  • If you are not feeling well, please stay home in order to ensure the safety of other campers and staff here at the park.
  • The Corporate Office will be open during normal office hours, but we ask that you call when possible to discuss any questions or concerns rather than visiting in person. If you must visit the office in person, capacity will be limited to ensure social distancing requirements are met and face masks/coverings are recommended and encouraged to be worn for the safety of our staff and customers.
  • All bath-houses will be closed during the preliminary phase of the opening schedule. Please use the shower and bathrooms in your camping unit for these services.  Pumping will resume on Monday, May 4, for those not on full-hookup sites.
  • Hiking, walking, fishing, biking and enjoying other outdoor activities as encouraged by the Governor can be accomplished while social distancing.
  • Payments can still be made by credit card (online or on phone) or you can use the drop box next to the Corporate Office entrance.
  • Golf carts shall not group or “crowd” together in any area of the park. Please adhere to the 6’ social distance between carts.
  • Please respect areas of the park that have been closed off for the time being do to crowding and safety concerns per the order (pavilions, playgrounds, pool, basketball court, public restrooms/bathhouses, laundromat, etc).
  • The Country Store will be open with specific guidelines for entrance to ensure proper distancing and safety measures. A limited list of items will be available as we start the first phase of opening.
  • Until further notice, John O’s will be closed for open seating inside the restaurant, but will have a limited take out menu.

Safety is our number one priority.  These steps, along with our campers’ personal precautions, will help Clay’s Park Resort maintain a safe and healthy environment.