Travel Trends for 2021

As domestic travel becomes increasingly safer, and we slowly move towards returning to “normal”, campers & glampers alike are itching to get back on the road and start planning their vacations. While the future of travel has been hard to predict recently, we did our best to pull together some trends we plan to see in the upcoming year!

Based on a survey of our Instagram followers, along with data from online booking site Campspot, these predictions show how the emergence from COVID-19 will influence travelers’ plans, destinations, and goals.


66% of you still have to work out the details of your vacation! We understand that with travel restrictions it’s a little bit tougher to plan in advance, but it’s been proven that outdoor vacations are the safest way to get away. So, it may be time to put pen to paper and start thinking seriously about your upcoming vacation – the earlier you book, the more options you have for site types, dates, and add-ons!


For those of us traveling this year, 59% percent are planning to stay close to home. Who doesn’t love a good staycation?! You don’t need to get on a plane to explore somewhere new. With over 20 different themed weekends, you’ll always experience something new!


As many travelers had their vacations taken away from them last year, it makes sense that half of you indicated that you’d like to visit an old favorite! 50% will be planning a vacation that you’ve already done in the past. Lucky for you, Clay’s Park Resort has all of the classic favorites you love and more! Plus, we’ve added a couple new things this year – read about them here.


We don’t blame you. 98% of you are looking to relax on your vacation instead of making it an educational trip for your family. Well, good thing for you, there are endless ways to relax! Stake out a grassy spot near our waterpark and park it for an afternoon, camp out around the fire as the sun goes down, or read a book at your campsite with the sun on your face. It’s time to R-E-L-A-X!


49% of you are planning for a week long trip, while the remainder are planning a weekend getaway. No matter how long you’re looking to stay, we have a deal to save you some money when you book! Check out all of our deals here. Plus, we have fun themes no matter the length of your getaway – check out all our themed weeks and weekends here.


When it comes to a camping trip vs. a city trip, 75% of you said you’d prefer camping to a hotel, and 77% said exploring the outdoors over the city. We agree! The city can be crowded, now’s the time to look for wide open spaces with room to explore. Breathe in the fresh air!


Where do you align with these trends? Now’s the time to plan your outdoor camping vacation! Whether you’re pitching a tent, parking your RV, or glamping in a cabin at Clay’s Park, isn’t it exciting to be thinking of your next trip? Start planning today by checking rates and availability here!